Opening Script

Mr. or Ms. Jones, before I let you go, would you like to receive $25 cash off your next visit to your favorite restaurant?

Yes?  Great let me transfer you over to the restaurant cash department, hold please


Closing Script

Restaurant Cash Department this is Cindy, is this {Example name} (Roger Smith)

 This is the 30 Days Deal Club, and today you will receive one $25 Restaurant Cash Certificate! This cash certificate entitles you to $25 off your very next meal at thousands of participating restaurants nationwide; including some of the hottest names in dining just for joining our 30 Days Deal Club, and these deals  are sent directly to you!!! 
($25 Cash Certificate is for the $15 Membership Level)

Now the membership is only a one time fee of $15 Dollars for a 30 day membership All right NO RECURRING CHARGES OR FEES!

We have different levels of packages as well, let me tell you more….We do have our higher levels of membership such as the
$50 Bronze  30 Day Membership
$100 Silver   30 Day Membership
$150 Gold   30 Day Membership
$200 Diamond   30 Day Membership
$250 Platinum     30 Day Membership
Let Me tell you the awesome deals

All right Awesome
Which card will you be using, VIsa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover
Ok read the name as it appears on the card, make sure you have the correct spelling
Expiration Date
Get Billing address for the card.

Now check if the shipping address is the same as the billing address to ship the cash certificate.   After a successful transaction…..All right Welcome to the club… will receive your cash certificate in 5-7 business days.   You do  understand we have a no refund policy and if you have any questions please write down our customer service number.  Give them the number…all right welcome to the 30 day club!!!!  Have a great day.