OLA (Outsourcing Leverage Advancement), is a one stop shop Outsourcing Company that specializes in Telemarketing, Customer Service, Technical Support, Data Entry, Email Marketing, Accounting Services, Virtual Assistance and etc. We are a BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) company which was established in 2010 to serve small, medium and large-size businesses in order to cope up with the demands and challenges of their business thereby helping to increase productivity and meeting the high needs of their customers in a better and more efficient manner.

It aims to serve these businesses that provide basic products and services to the market. The company provides world-class and cost-effective marketing and business solutions in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clientele. We are a one-stop destination toward your outsourcing needs.


We advocate that customer satisfaction is the utmost concern of your business and that this is a critical component of profitability. Thus, our exceptional customer service is designed for greater customer retention, which in turn, results to higher profitability.


OLA, has a dedicated staff of professional experts. We believe that the key ingredient for success of your accounts and campaigns lies in the quality of our staff. Our teams of professional representative experts undergo extensive training which equips our agents to compete globally in delivering profit and revenue to our client’s business.

Our dedicated representatives specialize in gathering technical, marketing information, and developing sales leads through conversations often thought to be too complicated to outsource. We believe that customer satisfaction is the primary concern of your business and the critical component of its profitability.


·         Customer Care

·         Technical Support

·         Inbound & Outbound Sales

·         Data Entry

·         Web Development

·         Back Office


·         Telecom

·         Consumer

·         Business

·         SEO

·         Survey


·         Voice

·         Social Media

·         Chat Support

·         Self Help

·         Web Design

·         Web Development

·         App Development