Litigation Practice Group PC (“LPG”) is an attorney-based, back-end debt resolution company. Our 

goal is to partner with front-end marketing affiliates to generate clients for the legal services 

LPG offers to debtors. LPG’s debt resolution program involves validation of debts, settlement of 

debts, and, where necessary, bankruptcy.

At this time LPG is searching for front-end marketing affiliates that may be interested in 

marketing our debt resolution product.

A consideration for LPG’s debt resolution product:

• Perhaps you have a floor that has run into difficult times because of COVID-19, and you may need 

a different platform to monetize what is otherwise a lost asset.

• You may already have a floor specializing in debt products (settlement or consolidation) and 

observe a spike in cancellations due to the current economy.

Whatever the reason, LPG is eager to assist in the rejuvenation of your marketing floor.


Our debt resolution product is significantly cheaper than your traditional debt products. It 

provides marketing floors another option to add to the products you currently provide. You can 

utilize our product to redirect a lost asset, whether it’s monetizing your cancellations or live 

lead transfers. We are open and willing to discuss various options that are available.

We offer various payment structures and are confident we can tailor that structure to fit your 

financial needs.

At your convenience, I would like to schedule a call to further discuss how LPG can increase 

productivity to your marketing floors.

Best Regards,


Matthew Church

Affiliate Relations Manager