we operate with real time live agents qualifying customers and transfer to license agents

we use opt data , TCPA , DNC SCRUBBED , time stamp real time data

Health Insurance Script


“Hi (Lead Name), this is (Rep Name) with Healthcare America.  We are giving you a call because of the recent rate increases in health care costs.  Do you currently have medical coverage?”


If YES,or NOthen


“We work with the nation’s top healthcare providers and can cover anyone regardless if you have any pre-existing health conditions.  Our only 2 requirements are that you are under 65 and not on Medicare.  Are you under the age of 65 and not on Medicare?” 


If over 65 and/or on Medicare then let them know we can’t help them….Hang up call.


If under 65 and not on Medicare then say:


“Great!  Most of our providers can not only lower your monthly premiums, but we can also lower your prescription costs and doctors visit expenses.  At no cost or obligation to you we can custom tailor a plan that works within your budget that gives you the coverage you need. With your approval I’d like to have one of our licensed health insurance agents go over the newest plans we have available for you.   If we find a great plan that you are happy with are you looking to get started today?


If YES, then say:“Great, I’m going to transfer you to a licensed agent.  Please hold for one moment”… (Transfer call)


If NO, then say:“What I’d like to do is transfer you over to a licensed agent so they can work with you and come up with a date that would be easier for you to start with your new plan.  Is that ok?”  If YES then:  “Great, please hold for one moment while I transfer to you a licensed agent”…(Transfer Call)