We Generate Leads for the Roofing Industry.

Our Appointment set On specific target areas, Damaged or not damaged, Criteria as you want

Owner present
Confirmation of ownership
Confirmation of Best contact Number
Confirmation Of Home or property Being insured  ( If you take Cash Bids, Let us Know)
Confirmation of the minimum age of roof you like
Confirmation Of type of Material you like to work with ( Most only want shingles)
Confirmation that the owner is not Under contract at the time you arrive for inspection, with no other contractor!

Lead is considered Good if the Owner Is present Inspection is performed and the Home is Insured, We do not guarantee there been damage.  By selecting your target areas, you will have Damaged and not damaged leads, How many you close to a deal is entirely up to the Skills of your Inspectors on the field.

Sample Usually If the area gets affected or has been affected, most companies we sale 100 lead packages close to 20 to 30 Deals of every 100 leads

Our Packages are delivered according to your expectation and of course the volume of work we can find on the areas called.   We work every day, and if you need us to stop, due to weather let us know, If you decide to not visit any lead just because you do not want to go, we will count as good because our agents must be paid for booking the lead, they all make commissions so are important to visit every lead, ANy lead that you go and cancels at the door, doesn’t show for inspection, declines the inspection, or is a bad lead according to your criteria, please let us Know as soon as possible, not more than 48 hours so we can either try to rescheduled or replace it for a new one if you do not give us a lead returned before 48 hours we will count as good.

We want you to close many deals, we will work hard for that to happen, we just would love to have communication daily for better results.