Call Flow

Part 1 Greetings and Introduction

Customer:  Hello!

Agent:  Good Morning, am I Talking to Mr. Edwin Jones.?

Customer: Yes you are.

Agent:  Well Mr. Jones, This is (Your Name) and I’m calling you from the Senior Citizen Health Care…

Customer: You’re calling from where?

 Agent:  Well Mr. Jones, I’m calling you from the Health care Center for Seniors Citizens…

Customer: Oh Ok. What is it all about??

Agent:  Now Mr. Jones, We are working closely with all our senior citizens to “empower healthier lives”, and we do this both by providing quality Advice and excellent customer health relationship, with our dedicated team of Health Advisors.

Customer: ok go on..

Part 2 Gathering Information

Agent:  now as a part of this, May I ask you how have been doing with your health lately.

Customer: oh I’m doing well. Just for a bit of Arthritis in my legs nothing to bother about.

 Agent:  and as you have Arthritis, do manage to go out for your normal walks?

Customer: yes I do manage but I do have a bit of pain sometimes.

 Agent:  and I’m sure you do take a few painkillers to reduce the pain right Mr. Jones

Customer: yes I take about 4 – 6 Paracetemols a day

Agent:  Wow!! That a lot Mr. Jones and you also take medication for Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Right?

Customer: Yes I do a pill for Blood pressure and the satins

 Agent:  has the doctor put you on any Aspirin or Warfrin?

Customer: oh yes I do take a small aspirin in the afternoon

Agent:  Mr. Jones what is you Present Height  and Weight?

Customer: I’m 5Ft  9Inches

Agent:  Well Mr. Jones I was calculating you BMI(Body Mass Index) and its quite good, Have you always been this weight?

Customer: Mostly

Agent:  well Mr. Jones as I’m sure besides keeping active you also maintain a healthy Diet with a lot of fresh fruits and Salads.

Customer: yes I eat healthy.

 Agent:  and how often you eat red meat once or twice a week?

Customer: maybe once a week

Agent:  Mr. Jones don’t mind me asking you, how old are you Mr. Jones?

Customer: Oh I’m 78

Agent:  I’m pretty impressed I thought I was speaking to a much younger person. Do you leave alone or with your family?

Customer: I leave alone; I lost my Wife 5yrs ago to Cancer.

 Agent:  Oh I’m Sorry to hear that. (Feel a Little Sad and show it in your Voice )


Part 3  Building Rapport

Agent:  So Mr. Jones as you live alone I’m sure you are keeping yourself busy and active.

Customer: yes I do

 Agent:  Do you watch a lot of Telly(television) or you like reading 

Customer: I do watch the news sometime but I like to listen to the radio mostly

 Agent:  oh so you’re a music lover, and what music do you prefer? As im sure you don’t like the new age music it’s just noise…

Customer: oh really the new age music is too much of noise and its not audible at all no rhythm or rhyme, I love the 60 and the 70’s

Agent:  Wow!! That is music and very pleasing to the ear I love a bit of 80’s too

Customer: oh ok

Carry on the conversation of the customer and keep his interest Ask the Profession, friends, pass time etc ….in this way you have made the customer to listen and converse with you and now you need to pitch a product to the customer and you need to Focus on the Benefits of the Products to the Symptoms


Part 4 Pitch the Product and Benefits

Agent:  So Mr. Jones as you did say you do experience a bit of pain in the knees when you go out walking, but it’s not that bad .

Customer: yes I do

Agent:  Did you  take any Supplements in the past like Cod Liver Oil or Omega 3 Fish Oil….

 Customer: I have tried taking the Glucosamine earlier but it didn’t do me any good, so I stopped it 

 Agent:  oh so you have taken the Glucosamine and what did you expect from the Glucosamine

Customer: I thought it would be good for the pain and the Knee problem.

Agent:  Well Mr. Jones, you need to take the glucosamine correctly let me explain as I don’t want you to waste the benefits of the glucosamine..

Customer: ok

Agent:  the correct benefits of the glucosamine with Chondroitin and Rose hip Extra strength 

1.      Glucosamine is a natural ingredient  of a healthy Cartilage, which cushions you joints and prevents it from rubbing against each other

2.      Due to the Work and the weather here the cartridge get worn out and damaged and thus causing the bones to rub against each other results in pain, Inflammation and disability.

3.      When you took glucosamine you did the right thing and it helped in building the cartridge. BUT! The damages still continued and the cartridge was not protected so then in the due course you felt the Glucosamine was not helping, and you stopped as you did not notice any difference.


Customer: I did not think of that, Wow that’s really good to Know.

Agent:  Not Only the Glucosamine Mr. Jones the Chondroitin also is beneficial to the Joints as it helps in lubricating the Joints in the way your joints remain flexible..  .

Customer: now that makes a lot of sense

Agent:  and the Rosehip helps in preventing further damages to the new and the undamaged cartilages. So the Joints care Extra Strength helps in not only Building but also lubricating the joint and protecting all at the same time  

 Customer: and how long do you have to take these capsules? 

 Agent:  Well Mr. Jones for best results the maximum course is for 6 months, but it all depends on the Senior Specialist, who will guide you through out the course to make sure you don’t waste the benefits.

Customer: that’s nice  

Agent:  now Mr. Jones if you can grab a pen and a Paper, I would like to give you the details of the Benefit with you are Eligible for…

Customer: Hang on a minute.

Agent:  Take your time Mr. Jones

Customer: I’m back

Agent:  Wow! You are a Very Well organized Person.

Customer: Oh I got to be. 

Agent:  First Mr. Jones I Want you to make a note of my Name, I’m Sure you have forgotten my name Right?

Customer: yes I did

Agent: Well Mr. Jones my Name is (Your Name) Spell your name with phonetics E.g.: A as in Alpha, B as in Betty

Customer: ok

Agent:  and make a note of my Contact Number that is 8000418951 (Eight triple zero four one eight nine five one….you can also say… Eight triple O four one eight nine five one)

Customer: Got That

Agent:  Also make a note of your registered benefit number that is “ZK797161” so that whenever you call back you give this number and you will avail all the benefits from the center. Now on this Benefit you avail the Joint Care extracts which has a market value of 26 Pounds but as you are registered you get it on a benefit offer at just 17.95 Pounds only

Customer: ok that nice

Agent:  Now Mr. Jones I along with my senior Specialist will be making sure you get the proper benefit ok

Customer: Yes

Agent:  so I will process the delivery could you confirm you Post Code to me Mr. Jones 

Customer: It DP16 3VP 

Agent:  That D for David P for Peter one Six Three V as in Victor P and as in Papa. Also do you have a house number or a House Name?

Customer: Yes it’s 34 Blueberry Avenue

Agent: ok I have done the same, now Mr. Jones; I have done all the required arrangements where you will receive the capsules with the help of royal mail in the next 5 – 7 working days. ok

Customer: ok, great

Agent:  Now Mr. Jones, to Avail the offer would like using you normal bank card would it be a visa or Master?

Agent:  Now Mr. Jones, to Avail the offer you can use your normal bank card would it be a visa or Master?

Customer: It a Visa Debit

Agent:  ok Mr. Jones, do you have it Handy?

Customer: hang on a second

Customer: ok I’m back

Agent: Which Bank is the card from Mr Jones

Customer: Its NatWest Bank

Agent: ok Could you Help me with the long number on the face of the card

Customer: Yes  its 4751 **** **** ****

Agent: ill just reconfirm the number (Repeat the Number and confirm its correct) and what would be the expiry date

Customer: Its 03/26

Agent: now if you flip the card could you help me the the last 3 number of the CV2

Customer: Yes its 889

Agent: Well Mr. Jones thanks for the trust you have placed in me, and I will make sure you get the benefits, now as I had informed you earlier I have my In-house Senior Specialist and in fact you luck to get him as he is a very busy person and normally does not come that often. Now he will guide you with the Course and the Dosage and will also keep in touch with you every month to make sure you are getting the benefits. 

Customer: ok,

Agent: You can Make a note of his name (Upgrades’ Name) Spell the  name with phonetics E.g.: A as in Alpha, B as in Betty

Customer: ok

Agent: if you give me a quick second ill transfer the call to My Specialist.

Customer: Yes 

Agent: and Mr. Jones Don’t forget my Box of Chocolates when you feel great 

Customer: I will

Agent: Just be on hold Mr. Jones 

Customer: ok